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Why add Barry Beelzebub to my blogroll? Why, quotes like this, of course:
"I tell you, if you could bottle eau de sales rep, it would smell of failure, Travelodges and three-day-old socks."

Beautiful, idn't it?

I don't usually remember my dreams. I do know that sometimes they last all night and are unsettling and odd, but not nightmares.

While I don't remember most of my dream last night, I do remember that my mother was in it. And, WOW, did she look great!

It was clear that I was dreaming of her in the present, but she looked to be in her late 30's, lightly tanned and fit. She was wearing a beautifully tailored black skirt, cream shawl-collared silk blouse with bands of olive and rust on the collar edge, sheer black hose, stylish high-heeled black pumps, ultra modern tortoise shell glasses, and had rich, shiny, thick auburn hair cut in a sleek bob. She looked sharp and professional. She looked happy.

I don't know why, but this brought me a great deal of comfort, and I woke up smiling.

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Moogie said...

I love the quote. It's absolutely perfect. :)

As for your dream..wow...I love those kind of dreams. They tend to stick with me all day and make me feel so warm and safe. It's odd how they can do that isn't it?