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The Mom Update

I've had so many other things going on in my life that I've neglected to give an update of the latest escapades of the Princess Mom.

Here’s the first tale:

I got whomped between the eyes with a nasty bug the Saturday before New Year's, and spent the next several days in bed. I knew I sounded pretty awful, but was completely thrown for a loop by the following telephone conversation:

OD: "Happy New Year!"

PM: "Happy New Year, yourself! Have you made your reservations yet? When are you coming down here? I need to know, because it's holding up committing to others who also want to come down for a visit."

OD: We just spent 10 days together on a cruise, and are talking about taking a 2-week cruise in the early fall. What in the world is she talking about??? "Uh.... No, I haven't made any reservations. We were talking about the fall, weren't we? What's the rush?"

PM: Making the usual leap from one subject to the next without answering the question… Wow! You really sound terrible! Your father has the flu, too, you know."

OD: My father has been dead for seven years. What in the name of all that is holy is she talking about? "Uh, Ma?"

PM: Yes?

OD: Just who do you think it is that you're talking to right now?

PM: Hesitates. "Christopher?"

OD: "Doesn't he usually call you 'Nana,' not 'Ma'?"

PM: Emily Litella lightbulb going off. Oh…….. Leslie?


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