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I have a sneeking suspicion that Brian Williams secretly writes for the Uncyclopedia:

SAN FRANCISCO, California -- Apple unveiled its long-awaited cell phone Tuesday, to the delight of the world's wealthiest one percent and America's stupidest 50 percent.

"Until now, people had no way to listen to music, check their e-mail or take photographs," Apple CEO Steve Jobs said at the unveiling ceremony. "I mean, can you imagine what it would be like to speak to family members over long-distance? Or capture images from life? Trust me, this has never been done before."


Boy, is this a blast from the past! I'm going to have to get myself this boxed set of DVDs. Sometimes people think I'm nuts when I mention "Hootenanny," but music shows were a huge part of my childhood. Others that I'd like to have on DVD (and this is only a partial list):
What music or variety shows did you enjoy as a child?

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Erica said...

I enjoyed The Muppet Show, Carol Burnett and Benny Hill.