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I guess Lisa's not the only one that finds math is difficult. Yikes!

Who knew Brian Williams could be so funny?
"... Steve Jobs' latest invention... is supposed to combine and condense all our electronic needs (and presumably all of our food, water and breathable oxygen) into a very expensive Altoids box."

Wait... there's more:
Electro-geeks (and a good many law-abiding, Luddite-leaning civilians) are atwitter over Steve Jobs' newest reason for us all to throw away our expensive, tricked-out iPods. The new iPhone was unveiled yesterday (full disclosure: I am a religious iPod user and a Mac laptop owner) and the reaction from my most clued-in friend on all things technological is this: If you drop it, you ruin your life. Thus the financial clamp of the dreaded service agreement. The very same screen intended as a touch-screen you must then use to view video -- fingerprints notwithstanding. Also, no one is raising the elephant in the room: the face goo that can often collect and mar the surface of any phone. That almost crosses the TMI line in personal electronics reviews, I know, but someone had to say it. I'm sure it's a cool device, while perhaps not for everyone.
I swear the man's a closet Blown-Eyed Blodger.

If Yabu, Zonker, Vman and Mr. Debonair Hizzownself got together and designed a line of ladies sleepwear, it'd look a lot like this.

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Unknown said...

Now just having met the math prof and not doing any actual math but just chatting about it, I ACTUALLY enjoyed the class. The prof is brilliant, knows his shit and I think I'm going to be fine. Ask me again in a couple weeks though. Yikes!