Leslie's Omnibus

Carnival of the Cats #146

The Divine Miss Marilyn welcomes you to the 146th edition of the Carnival of the Cats!

She promises thrills, chills and awe-inspiring feats of feline derring-do!

In the Center Ring:

Acrobats and Aerialists:

Clowning Around:

Furrrrrociously Cute:

Sparkles, Spangles, Sequins and Feathers:

On the Midway:

Chez Mog is a sideshow all its own.
Remember -- a Carnival always cares for its own. Get your sideshow swag here, and help a friend indeed.

Folding the Tents and Striking the Show:

Caesar took his final bows. In the parting words of the circus folk: "Saltuit, placuit, mortuus est." We're truly sorry for your loss, Nio.

The Divine Miss Marilyn thanks each and every purrrrrrrformer for purrrrrrrticipating this week. You kept us busy -- whew! That was a load of emails.

She tips her paw to last week's host, Watermark, who rung in 2006 and to the Modulator and the Friday Ark for pointing you here. She purrrrrrnts your attention to next week's Carnival of the Cats, which will be hosted by Pet's Garden. See you there!


K T Cat said...

Thanks for hosting a wonderful Carnival. And...First!

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Hey Leslie, I came here via Mog and KT Cat.

Your carnival is wonderful - there are some awesome photos! It'll take me a couple of days to check them all out I think :) but then, it must have taken you a couple of days to compile this huge show.


rondi adamson said...

Thanks for hosting! Great job. FYI, though, I am Roratunga and Houdini's *aunt,* not their mom. They're my brother's cats.

Nancy said...

Your little lady cat looks to have even more attitude than my Lady Spitfire...I wasn't sure that was possible...lol

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Wow, great job on the Carnival. The first of 2007 and it was truly huge.

Aloysius said...

Great job with the Carnival! I know how much work it is, but it's truly worth it. Purrs to Miss Marilyn!

Niobium said...

Thank you so much.

Sissy Willis said...

A heroic effort. Well done! :-)

Justin said...

Love the cat pics..