Leslie's Omnibus

Traveling Companions

Lately your Omnibus Driver has been traveling a lot on the weekends, and the divine Miss Marilyn Monrex has stayed home to guard le (tres) petit chateaux. This weekend, Buckaroo Bonsai and I decided to conduct a little 'speriment and see how she and the charming Miss Tiger Boots would get along.

Accordingly, I packed up a small litter pan, fleecy kitty bed and collapsible show "cage" made of ripstop, mesh and clear plastic (in case a "time out" corner was needed), popped the Divine Miss M into her carrier, and headed off to Bonsai Central.

Because the two girls have such different purrsonalities (Tiger Boots being a more 4-on-the floor, occasional lap kitty; the Divine Miss M being much more of the "velcro" purrsuasion), I was hoping that their purrsonalities would harmoize, rather than clash. But, having owned, bred and shown cats for a long time, I made sure to hedge my bets and provide the Divine Miss M with a safe house if a round or two of Rock-em Sock-em Robots turned out to be the main event.

Prepare for the worst.

Hope for the best.

Much to our surprise, there's been a minimum of hissing, no spitting, and no swiping at each other. The "time out" corner has gotten no use. They're more interested in each other than afraid.


The omens and portents are looking good all the way around. I see more travel in both our futures.


Anonymous said...

Nice! I too hope to travel with my kitty someday. BTW re "bonsai central" -- do you live in an RV or somethin'?

Omnibabe said...

Travel has been mainly between the far north side of Chicago (my apartment) and Buckaroo Central (Buckaroo Bonzai's abode) in the northwest suburbs, with a few trips out to the far west 'burbs to see my family. Since my car was recently in the shop for body work, a few of those trips involved a red line train, a brown line train, a Metra train and the Buckaroomobile to get me there. Not lots of distance... but LOADS of travel.

No, I don't have an RV. I DO have an SUV, and my show cage fits handily in the back for road trips. I got mine at a cat show.

As for traveling with your cat -- short trips first! Many cats can't even make it around the block without letting all bodily functions loose at once. Others take to it like ducks to water. Since I showed cats for a long time, Marilyn is used to car trips.

Good luck!