Leslie's Omnibus

Bus Fumes

I swear that certain office supplies come with a built in expiration date, at which time they sprout legs and run away. Staple pullers. Scissors. Rulers. My favorite ballpoint pens. (I could Super Glue one to my desk, and it would still free itself and flee in less than half a day.) Letter openers. Post-It notes. Paper clips.

They are all wily and despicable escape artists.

(The office supply companies appear to be in on the conspiracy.)


The awful thing is, I think the office supplies have been talking with my eyeglasses, as my eyeglasses have been playing hide-and-seek for the last couple of weeks. What do I mean? There never where I put them when I took them off... and sometimes it takes me a couple of days to find them. It's a communist plot, I tell you.

Death to the bastards that did this. I mean it. And WE'RE the infidels???

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