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Pejman points to an interesting "thought experiment." Fascinating stuff.

And what do I believe that I can't prove? I believe I've got readers out there... but can't prove it by my comments! (I know, I know. If I'd put up a Site Meter I'd have a clue. But since I'm technologically challenged...)

I'm going to take Eric and Dax up on their challenges:

Five Historical People I'd Really Like to Go Drinking With

Tallulah Bankhead
P.T. Barnum
Thomas Bertram Costain, author of "The Tontine"
Herbert Humphrey
Phoebe Moses

Five Historical People I Would NOT Want to Go Drinking With

Lucretia Borgia
Mary Ann Cotton
Carrie Nation
Herman Goering

Now you know.

Yes, but can we paint'em red for him?

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