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I'm going to see Spamalot tonight with Buckaroo Bonsai, my Blogdaddy and assorted other friends, and I can't wait.

David Hyde Pierce.

Tim Curry.

Hank Azaria.


Ooooo!!! (I'm so excited.)

UPDATE: Pure Monty Python gold. My blogdaddy, curmudgeonly and skeptical as he claims to be, giggled like a teenager through the whole thing.

The standout of the show? Funnily enough, none of the big boys. It was Sara Ramirez (The Lady of the Lake) who absolutely stole the show in the same splashy, over-the-top style as Bernadette Peters or Madeline Kahn.

Tim Curry was Tim Curry.

DHP was DHP times two.

Hank Azaria, on the other hand, was curiously flat. I'm not sure if it was the character (Lancelot) or what, but he just didn't do it for me. (Maybe it's that it was live theater, as opposed to film or small screen.) A small, but notable, disappointment.

Kudos to Eric Idle for some of the funniest lyrics ever heard. I'll have to get the CD when it comes out.

One final note -- the show started off a little show and dragged a bit in places, but I'm sure it'll be tighted up by the time it hits Broadway. Thumbs up.

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