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Sometimes something good comes out of not feeling well. I worked late last night and, still feeling kind of blah after four days of the flu, decided to be lazy and check out a new restaurant in my neighborhood. Much to my delight, Sizzle on Broadway turned out to be a real treat. Why?

First, it's in a lovely old building that used to house the Pumping Company -- a local pub that featured all sorts of antique toys hanging from the ceiling. The toys are gone, and the place has certainly gotten far more sophisticated. Brick walls, hardwood floors, a cozy fireplace, modern (and comfortable) seating at the bar, snug leather booths, three different levels.

Next, there was live piano music last night (no cover charge), and the entertainer was great. I understand that live entertainment is unusual during the week there, BUT... on the weekends, they have live blues/jazz/rock/alt country -- also with no cover charge.

Okay. We've got a cozy, inviting atmosphere and good music. What more could you want?

Well, if you're me, you want good food at good prices. And if you can surprise me a little with the menu, more's the better. And surprise you, they do. Whether it's brunch, lunch or dinner, there are some delightful twists to the menu. (And given that this is pretty much a burger joint/greasy spoon kind of neighborhood, this is a very welcome change.) Another reason I really liked the menu is that they have a tasting menu, as well. Personally, I have found that restaurant portion sizes have gotten way out of control. This is a delightful change.

Finally, scroll down the food and drink specials and you'll probably find the bargain I scored last night. Yep. On Wednesday nights they have a $10 ribeye steak dinner. What a bargain! And it's not some piddly 6 oz. deal, either. I had a large steak with red wine reduction sauce, garlic mashed potatoes (a tad salty) and fresh green beans and carrots. Okay -- maybe the steak could have been a little more tender. But for that portion and that price, I really can't complain. In fact, I'm taking Buckaroo Bonsai next Wednesday night. And we're definitely going to have to try the brunch.

One last thing. It's really in a great location, reachable by the Broadway bus or the Granville stop on the Red Line... and only two blocks away from chez moi! Eat your hearts out.

[A note to the owners/managers of Sizzle -- Bring Barrelhouse Bonni back soon. She was terrific.]

Update: (2/3/05) A second visit was equally as wonderful. A couple of things to note: 1) the ribeye is a 12-ouncer; 2) they do run out, so order early; 3) if they do happen to run out of the ribeyes, the chicken cacciatore is wonderful. My friends were so impressed, we're going to try the brunch soon!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on this place. I found you through a link from Pejman. You are right. I too had the steak special and for the money it was well worth it. Friendly place too. You may also want to try The Edgewater which is at Ashland & Brn Mawr. Good Bar food and interesting beers. Cheers!