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Carnival of the Cats

First of all, a big smoocheroo to Lair for allowing me to host this week's Carnival. Hugs and purrs to all who sent in your entries. (I think Lair was a little worried it would be thin. Hah! You've all outdone yourselves.)

So who's riding along and what's happening on the Bus?

Beth Donovan has a new little traveling companion, who as yet remains nameless. Pop on over and drop a suggestion in her comments.

Darcy says Lorax has been a naughty, naughty boy [*er*... girl]. But the kids are being fashion-forward here.

Jeff at Athenamama says that Thalia has identity issues. I think he's right.

The kids over at CatHouse Chat are showing off their intelligence and good looks.

Sissy sends photos of Tiny auditioning for my "Rowdies in the Back of the Bus" team. (Tiny's in like Flint, Sissy -- not to worry.) Babycakes and Tiny beg the questions, "Who defines mental health?" and "what makes a boy a boy?" Finally, Baby ponders the Cabinet Two-Step.

Dusty is a very pious kitty, indeed. (Thanks, Annie, and welcome to cat blogging!)

Jan says that Pepper missed the Carnival deadline last week. Thank goodness Pepper was on time at the Bus stop this week!

Ever fund yourself with a Busload of kittens and need to know how to find them good homes? Caitlin has the answer.

Tabby and Boo are giving a little wave from the People's Republic of Seabrook.

Daphne is demonstrating her flexibility for Chloe. Matt thinks Daphne is unimpressed. (Personally, I think Daphne looks like that's kid stuff.)

The kids over at Your Moosey Fate are snorting the wacky weed.

What in the world is this little girl thinking of? This calls for a caption contest. Drop on by Maggie's place and drop your suggestion in her comments!

Mog's got a few naughty babies over at her place, as well. See what I mean? (Don't you wish you could bottle and sell that energy?)

Butter, Sasha and Toby allow Robbie to get on the bus. That's okay, Brendan. We always allow well-behaved traveling companions on the bus.

What's the difference between physicians and veterinarians? nycbabylon has the answer. Let's hope both of these Gothamites are feeling better real soon.

Watermark has a clowder of kitty cuteness for your enjoyment. Christina sends even more.

Quan Yin is practicing black magic over at Gretchen's place.

Toonces is practicing kitty aerobics. Healthy, Flig!

Mason sends us the million mile stare. Pensive. V-e-r-r-r-r-y pensive.

Who needs the Bus? Tommy is walking on sunshine.

Datsa refuses to relinquish the seat. Smart kitty. Elayne should just go get her own.

No blogging for Fred today. Smart, smart kitty.

Emily knows the true value of a gift. Silly Catherine! Didn't you know this?

Porter is demonstrating his sumo attire. (Thanks, Kevin for sharing.)

Schatzi demonstrates her sock-thieving skills for Peter.

Michael says that Tinker is showing off for the camera. She should be on the cover of Cat Fancy!

A Carnival of the Cats without Edloe is like a day without sunshine. At least, that's what Lair tells us.

Petra takes a bath and makes Wind Rider really proud.

Acidman leaves the country and gets cat-bombed again. Jeez. McGeehee and I are both going to have to keep a low profile at the next Jawja blogmeet. (Yes, I'm planning on attending.)

Steve sets out the gangplank for the Friday Ark. Like I said before, there's always room for well-behaved traveling companions here.

Lis is asking about heated cat beds here. Can anybody help? Gotta keep my passengers comfy, you know!

Maddie tells tales on Kadi.

Over at Cat-o-Bloggo, Angelo throws a party for himself.

Steve says She Who Must Be Obeyed, Hakuna and Mata would rather stay in bed than ride the Bus. Gotcha anyway!

Chester thinks Teena is a bit unnatural. Greeblie thinks Chester's not the sharpest crayon in the box.

El Capitan joins the cat blogging briggade by featuring Betsy. Welcome aboard!

Stan found and sent these photos of Reba. She's so silly!

J.R. says when the gang says, "Get up!", resistance is futile.

Over the Rainbow Bridge: Cathy writes a wonderful tribute to Felice.

And a quick story from Your Driver. Buckaroo Bonsai has acquired a traveling companion named Tiger Boots, who's had a little stress lately. (Adopted into home with big, icky dog; shipped to Indianapolis from southwestern Missouri, then hauled to Chicago. You do the math.) Anyway, Tiger Boots took one look at me and headed under the bed for a good hard think about this new indignity foisted upon her. Being the sensible cat person that I am, I ignored her and let her do things in her own time.

Cut to bed time. In bed, covers over my head, and Tiger Boots came up for a visit. Taps me on the top of the head. I yank the covers down a bit, she takes one look at me, realizes it's not Buckaroo Bonsai, and says, "Holy Sh*t!!!" I know cats can move fast, but she set a new land speed record retreating out of there.

There's a happy ending, though. Guess who was sleeping between my feet this morning?

That's all for now, folks. Don't forget that the next Carnival of the Cats will again be hosted by Lair. Send in your entries. [Correction: Watermark will be hosting next.]

(And once again, thanks for doing me proud!)

Update: Norton was late, but who can resist a music-loving feline? (A tip of the cap to Kimberly at Music and Cats.)


Rachel Luxemburg said...

Thanks for the link to Tommy's pic! Cat blogging happens about twice a month at Fiat Lux.

Anonymous said...

Yippee! Thanks for a super Carnival! I didn't know you were going to link to main sites as well or I'd have specified that my blog lives in a subdir :-( I hope nobody is offended thinking I'm trying to use the kitties to pimp the beads.... Because there definitely aren't any kitties on the main page. Because, well, kitties and beads just do NOT mix. Or, rather, they mix in a really bad way (voice of experience speaking)....


PS - Lorax is a girl, but she was SO bad that I'm going to show her this post and tell her she was acting like a boy 'cause she'll be really offended and it will serve her right!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Carnival! My trackback didn't seem to show up, so here's my post about it all: Cats 'N SynchSissy Willis

Fred Vincy said...

Cool list -- and thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Can someone point me to the rules/guidlines for participating in this wonderful kitty shindiggery?


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