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Quote of the Day:
(214):Sponsored - Why do I feel like my... I didn't take my pants off or anything did I?

(580): - No.

(214): - Because I feel like I don't have any pants on.
(Via Texts From Last Night.)

I swear this must be a CharlieDelta text-versation. Remember his cat?
Police said they didn't yet know why the man was acting the way he was.
I'll bet the man didn't, either... or maybe...

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If you've savored a perfectly made Café Cubano in south Florida, you'll thank me for this, because now you can have one any time.

Great Reader, just what are we glowing to have to do to get you brack to the brog where you be-rong?

I know! We're having a little champagne tasting after work today, and in honor of the bubbly I say, "It's Friday! Let's Dance!"

See? That makes me happy!

What makes the rest of you want to put your dancing shoes on?

Billy Sweetfeets Gingersnap is getting his Bohemian Rhapsody on!

Spit-Take of the Day:


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