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Whinging and Wining

I've been trying for a while to think about a way to get some of my colleagues from the various practices in my (forever unnamed firm) together over a glass of wine and a good nosh to start to get to know one another.

At the beginning of February, I offered up half a dozen bottles of my favorite winery's Pinot Noirs. A couple of friends jumped in, and we soon had some wonderful cheeses, some fabulous strawberries, and a couple of gourmet dark chocolates -- one with cayenne pepper, and one with wasabi and black sesame seeds -- add six people and we had the beautiful beginning of a night of good food, good drink and good conversation.

We did our second one tonight, featuring really good bubbly that a couple of us have been gifted with (I'm sorry -- NOBODY is meant to drink Champagne alone), and we raised the bar again. Tonight featured homemade Chambourd cheesecake with fresh raspberries in phyllo, Camembert, washed cow and sheep's milk cheese, blue-veined goat cheese, mixed raspberries and black berries, country pate, sweet salami, and five different kinds of chocolate.

We reached across almost every level in my office. The conversation was WONDERFUL.

And here's the great part: We're going to do it again. The company is NOT going to pay for it. This is an a group that sprang out of a friendship between two people, but which is going to go on to become a company tradition. The tradition will be that the company gets absolutely no say in the amount of money that's spent, the food or the booze -- only the actual participants get a say. Guests are welcome, as long as they contribute either to the food or to the booze.

You know what? I'm on to something. We had a BLAST tonight. And one of our big guys, who just happened to be walking by as we popped the first cork, has signed on to help us grow this organically (i.e., you must be a friend of a friend to get invited) from within.

I see good things for this group.

( And I may be at the bottom of the food chain... but EVERYBODY wants to be on the top of MY invite list. )

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time with your new wine get togethers!