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Rules of the Road

Stay off the razzle-fratzing cell phone while you're driving!
A woman who struck and seriously injured an Illinois state police trooper on the Dan Ryan Expressway was using on her cell phone and ignored warnings from a passenger as she headed for the trooper at 60 mph, prosecutors said today.

The passenger finally grabbed the steering wheel to avoid the trooper but Kimisha Moore jerked it back, according to Assistant State's Attorney Kevin DeBoni.

"The defendant was on her cell phone and was not paying attention," DeBoni said during a bond hearing for Moore, 19, of the 12500 block of South Wallace Street. "The passenger grabbed the steering wheel and tried to turn the vehicle, but Moore jerked the wheel back and lost control, striking the trooper."
I don't care whether you've got hands-free or not, you're too freaking distracted. And you can't tell me the ramifications of something like this are worth whatever the hell phone conversation was so important that your inattention causes something like this to happen.

If you think otherwise, you're thinking like a teenager -- you're bullet-proof. And you're not.

If you need to make a call that badly, pull over and put the damned car in park already.

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Joan of Argghh! said...

Yep. I'm fed up with them. Every kind of scientific test of even the most disciplined minds, shows that distractions reduce mental concentration. Period.