Leslie's Omnibus


I have been sick at heart for days over this story:
The video shows a Metra express train approaching the North Chicago station in a light morning fog as several people dart across the tracks. The horn is still blaring as Blanca Villanueva-Sanchez jogs across cradling her goddaughter.

Then Villanueva-Sanchez and the baby fall from view.
You know, sometimes you need to have it graphically clear why you need to obey railroad crossing signals. Go here and watch the whole sickening thing. Show it to your children. Show it to anyone you know who has ever run across a track in front of an oncoming train because they were afraid of being late.

If you insist on being recklessly stupid, at least don't involve a child -- not your own, and especially not somebody else's child.

I know I harp on this a lot, but, as the video above illustrates, it's never enough. Being a little bit late -- even being a lot late -- is not worth the risk. In this case, two families will never, ever be the same.

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