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Now here's a government program I can get behind:
Rebecca Rodriguez, her husband and four children were sharing a tiny, three-bedroom apartment rented with a Chicago Housing Authority voucher when she heard of its Family Self-Sufficiency program.

The authority's 13-year-old FSS program helps participants change their lives and maybe no longer need voucher help.

For Rodriguez, 43, that was five years ago. Last week, she and her husband and others graduated from the program at a ceremony highlighting the agency's successes with its teach-a-man-to-fish-rather-than-give-him-fish philosophy.
The only thing I'd change is to take the "maybe" out of that second sentence.

Life goals. An action plan. This has mine for quite a while now:

My Darling Daddy would be so proud if he could see me now.

The International Skating Union should stick it where the sun don't shine. Joanie Rochette showed incredible grace under unimaginable pressure at the Olympics.

Ladies and Gentlemen (*cough* *cough*) of the ISU, get off your high horses and give the girl some room to grieve... and to do this tribute as a part of the grief process.

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