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Oooo! DWTS starts this week! (Just a guess, but Evan Lysacek and Chad Ochocino are going to be the hot contenders to beat.)

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Yay! I can't wait!

Why am I happy I don't own a car any more? How about this, for a start?

Quote of the Day:
I am sympathetic. However... here's the problem, as I see it: These kids are not being gunned down; they're gunning each other down. The problem starts in the home, and change also needs to start in the home. Standing in the street and praying in front of cameras won't fix anything; being present every day and parenting your own kids well will.

I'm sorry, but $16 million would be better spent on teachers' salaries in this state right now. This is just one more example of governmental decision making processes that care more about pleasing "popular" agendas than actually fulfilling the mandate of educating children in this state. Oh, well. Dick and Jane may not be educated in Illinois, but, by golly, they'll be fashionably fit.

The Illinois Democratic party moves on to the finals in Dem Lt. Governor Candidate Idol next Saturday. Too bad the voters can't vote online or text their votes for their favorites. Oh, wait! They did that already. Oops! My bad.

Maybe not, but a dear friend of mine who works for the IRS informed me Friday night that the IRS has been champing at the bit to begin hiring not hundreds, but thousands, of new IRS agents to do nothing but ensure that businesses and individuals alike are complying with the new law, and that hiring will commence immediately on passage of the legislation. [Update: Here's more proof.]

Any way you look at either bill, it's the largest governmental power grab in the history of this country. Given that I'm already unhappy with this news: The five largest employers in the Chicago area are 1) the U.S. government; 2) Chicago public schools; 3) the City of Chicago; 4) the State of Illinois; and, 5) Cook County... and we can't afford any of them here at the moment... you can imagine my current level of disgust.

Mark my words -- we are about to get far more governmental intrusion into our lives and give up far larger portions of our paychecks than we ever thought possible.

Thank you, Mr. Boehner, for requesting a roll call vote. I want to know exactly who I will be working very hard to vote out of office in the next several elections.

[snip] The study did, however, come up with one icky way bigger models can be used to actually influence product sales: “if a normal-size woman sees moderately heavy images in ads for weight-loss products, she might feel overweight and be more inclined to buy a diet plan or gym membership.” Basically, use plus-sized models to make women feel bad enough about themselves that they spend more money on gym memberships and diet products. [The Cut]

What do you think? Do ads with bigger models make you feel better or worse about yourself?
When it's models like these, they just want to make me go shopping for one of everything in their catalog, because I know I'm going to look and feel wonderful... and that's good, because I'm already educated, unlike Dick and Jane.

Yes, once upon a time I did Princess Idol. No, this wasn't me:

(Stick with this. It gets really... um... interesting... around the 1:20 mark.)

Seriously, I'd never do that to people.

Programmed by elitists? And here I thought the Tea Party movement was full of booger-eating morons...

I have already entered a zero for the midterm for each of you who blew it off. If you want that zero changed into something else, be bloody sure you get that test taken before your time is up. After I place your test in the Testing Center, the rest is entirely up to you. If you don’t get yourself up there, the zero stands.

If you allow that zero to stand, you will need to present yourself to the registrar to withdraw from the class. You’ll also be required to pay back your financial aid.

Sincerely, Professor Had-It-Up-To-Here with the lot of you.

P.S. Students who showed up on the proper day get bonus points, which will be added at the end of the semester. Also? These students rock. They’re awesome, while you’re. . . . well, never mind. It was an antonym. I hope you had a good time in Cancun.
Don't you wish she was your kid's prof?

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If anyone made a racial slur, I can guarantee it was an SEIU plant. ;)

On this very sad day in our history, I'll sign off!