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I see articles like this that lament the lack of library staff and resources, music and art programs, etc., and I think of the Princess Mom, who was so busy and influential in my own grade school:
While she wasn’t a huggy, kissy mother, she was an involved mother – room mother, den mother, picture lady, she also helped start up and run our elementary school’s library.
Instead of bemoaning what the state isn't giving us, maybe it's time to bring back volunteerism and bring moms and dads back into the classroom on a regular basis, at least until life gets back to "normal" -- whatever that may become.

I know mom was really hurt when she got told, "Thanks a lot for all you've done and don't let the door smack you in the ass on the way out," when the library was up and running and the school district decided to bring in a "real" librarian to run the joint... but she also had the satisfaction of knowing that the library wouldn't have existed in the first place without her and the handful of other moms who conceived it, stocked it, organized it and ran it first (and would probably still be running the darned thing today, given the chance).

Super Squirrel? I want it. (Blame Helen.)

I needed an uplifting story today. This one did it:
The night of the fire, I sat at a laptop in the hotel room, eating a takeout order of sesame chicken and answering those e-mails. Dona was asleep, nearly crowded out of the bed by two dogs that couldn't get close enough. Over and over, I read these simple messages offering support and help.

I cracked open the fortune cookie.

"Your wealth is where your friends are."
Too right.

Easter is coming. Time for Peeps on Parade! (Stop back, as more photos are added daily.)

Ear Worm of the Day:


I recently had a dream that included Rahm Emanuel and William Shatner doing a skit wherein they were both channeling smart-ass dogs (black & tan, short coats, Doberman mixes) and Becky (with a boyfriend 10 years her junior in tow) in the same night. While you wrap your head around that odd combination, keep in mind that wasn't as nutty as this... and I don't speak out loud like this.

Still... it was an odd one.

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