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A Glance in the Rear-View Mirror

Jerry got his census package:
I received my census packet in the mail today. I filled it out and mailed it right back in, before I'd lose it or misplace it. I want to be counted.

I have used census data from the 19th and 20th century in my genealogy projects. It turns up some interesting facts: children that you didn't know existed (and probably died), relatives that moved to a town for a short while, or off to parts unknown. It tells a story of where a person was every ten years from birth to death.

I got to thinking about my own "footprint" on this Earth. Since I am a zero baby born in 1960 (we won't discuss the unpleasant event that's coming up this summer), it got me thinking where I was on each of those census years.
And he looks back and lists where he was in each of those years. Then he asks the interesting question:
How about you? What's your census footprint? Where where you on those zero years?
It's no secret that my own life has taken some *ahem* interesting turns. My own census footprint?

1960: A toddler, living with the Princess Mom and Darling Daddy in Parma Heights, Ohio. Beloved Brother was a year away from becoming more than just a twinkle in their eyes.

1970: An awkward 7th grader, living with the Princess Mom, Darling Daddy, Beloved Brother and Baby Sister and couple of Guinea Pigs at 1176 Londonberry Lane, Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

1980: Pregnant and not a clue how to fix things but really good at keeping my own secret, Zeta Tau Alpha house, Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL. Shelby, my Shepherd/Lab mix was also knocked up. Scaryville.

1990: Newly divorced, licking my wounds, saving my money and living with Darling Daddy, the Princess Mom and Scottish Terrier Besquith's Bonnie Beth at 933 E. Bailey Road, Naperville, Illlinois.

2000: Still happily divorced, living with my clowder of Devon Rex in my own condo at 6251 E. Sheridan Road, Chicago, Illinois.

2010: At peace, pet-less (unless you count the dust bunnies), living in my own apartment in Des Plaines, Illinois and thinking about moving back into Chicago. My daughter has been in my life since December of 2006 and I'm on the cusp of becoming a Nana for the first time. Life is good.

Elisson shows his census footprint here. What's yours?

Update: My daughter reminds me that she is a zero baby, and she's about to have a zero baby of her own!


Update II:
(815): I just filled out my 2010 Census drunkenly. I'm single handedly throwing it off.


Pammy said...

I didn't know you went to Western! So'd da Zigster. Except a decade before you. heh

kerrcarto said...

Mine is easy.

1975: Born, Kerrville, TX

1985: Living, Kerrville, TX

1995: Living with my future wife in Kerrville, TX

2005: Got married in 1998 became a father later that year and again in 2001.

2010: Still living in Kerrville, TX.

Joanie said...

Parma Heights, really? I was born in Berea, lived in Strongsville and then North Olmstead, and then moved to Cali.

We Ohio girls have to stick together

Omnibus Driver said...

Actually, I was born at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA. My mom and dad moved to Parma Heights when I was a toddler, and then to Brook Park, where we lived until 1968. I am actually a Beantown Betty, while my brother and sister are Buckeyes.