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Canada! (Beautiful day, eh?)

Interesting fact:

When people my age think of Canadian cultural icons, we think:

When people my daughter's age think of Canadian cultural icons, they think:

What can I say?


Update: Other bits of nostalgia leading to my generation's understanding of our neighbors to the north:


Savoir Fare is EVVVVVV-rey where!

One good thing Canada has given us here in Chicago? Poutine!


diamond dave said...

I tend to associate Canada with Rush, one of my favorite bands since I was fourteen years old. That, and bitterly cold winters.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Canada thoughts, of course with Chicago - the tv program, Due South. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7ygPglKDEI

Plus, I'm a huge hockey fan, and we all may have to move there or Texas if things keep going against us here! :)

Good morning Leslie!


Anonymous said...

Also forgot about this for the best of CA - just love Mark Steyn - forever telling us why we shouldn't want government control!