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You want incentive to have a blogmeet in Chicago? Okay, I'll give you incentive.

I don't know Mr. Tomaszewski from Adam, but what a lovely epitaph:
Tom Tomaszewski left his native Chicago for Poland shortly after World War II and fell into a love story that changed his life forever.
We should all be so lucky, huh?

It looks like somebody down in Springfield has finally figured out that this program is not necessary. Now let's see if they can get it past the governor, who's just as bad as our former Governor Give-away....

In the meantime, the CTA and its labor unions continue to flail away at each other and the $95 million+ budget deficit that caused cuts to jobs and services in the first place. You know things are bad financially when even Jesse Jetstream concedes:
"The workers can't very well allow their health care and their 401(k)s and their pensions to be gutted,'' Jackson said after the meeting at CTA headquarters. "But the shortfall is limiting what the CTA can really do too." [Emphasis mine]

Hit by a train twice in two weeks? Sounds like somebody is bucking for a Darwin Award... or a lawsuit.

Ooooh! Look, fellas! Apple's bringing those apps back... and making them easier for you to find.

Yeah, I really rooted for Kelly Osbourne during the last season of Dancing With the Stars. Why? Because the chick tells it like it is:
Working out sucks, it’s miserable. You sweat and you stink, but then you’re done — and you see that just taking an hour three times a week can change you so much.
She doesn't sugar-coat stuff and make you think she got that way magically.

Via my Barstool Blog Son... another contest to win tix to Craig Ferguson when he comes to Chicago.

Can I just say one thing? Not in this lifetime!

(But the comments are most excellent.)

Giggle of the Day: Stuck In Pittsburgh

(For my BlogDaddy.)

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