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Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! The politicians in this state are making it impossible for this small "L" libertarian this election year.

Why? Take the governor's race, for instance.

On the left, we've got Pat Quinn, who I'm sure is a nice, well-meaning man who'd make a wonderful friend or neighbor. What he doesn't make, is a good governor. In the last year he has pledged pots of money to not one, but two universities for infrastructure that they don't need, instead of making sure that there's enough money in the state treasury to pay the salaries of professors and administrators statewide. He pledged money that we don't have to the horse racing industry. He's had a year to reexamine all contracts over a million dollars entered by our last spendthrift governor; instead, he has waited until the state is practically bankrupt to do it. He has made noises to indicate that even if the House and Senate pass legislation to repeal the free ride program on public transportation for all seniors and return it to the more sensible senior discount/free for only the truly needy, he probably will veto it. He won't consider changing the state pension system, which, pretty soon, is going to be the only thing our tax dollars are supporting, because there won't be anything left. And after pledging all that lovely money to other places, he's now threatening the people of this state with cutting spending on state police, teachers and higher education... and to raise taxes, as well. (And did I mention that he implemented a "get out of jail free" program that caused major Agita when the residents of the state found out about it???)

(Excuse me while I add a little coolant to the radiator. I'm about to blow a head gasket.)


On the (far) right (far, far right), we've got Bill Brady, who looks good on paper, but has done nothing but open his mouth only long enough to change feet, starting even before his miniscule victory over Kirk Dillard. Make a defense of marriage bill one of his first priorities? Check. Banning abortion? Check. Loosening restrictions on discrimination with regard to gender or sexual identity? Check. Auschwitz for dogs? Check. Making allegations against his opponent without fact-checking first? Check. Opposing fiscal transparency? Check. Paying even one bit of attention to the fact that the people in this state are more interested in jobs and taxes than they are with anything else? Nope.

(Bangs head repeatedly against steering wheel.)

Neither candidate gives a rat's ass what the voters want, and they haven't listened to a damned thing the Tea Party folks have been yelling about.

Where's Adam An$#%)(&* (or however the hell you spell it) when you need him? And why didn't more people vote for him in the primary?

I'm telling you, we're getting exactly what we deserve in Illinois.

(For the love of all that's holy, DO NOT encourage Mitt Romney to run for president again, m'kay?)

I'll get to our governor lite and senate candidates later. NONE of them are pretty.

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