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A Glance in the Rear-View Mirror

My sister, SIL, BIL and I met with the pastor last night to discuss the deets of the upcoming memorial service for the Princess Mom.

Pastor Cindy mentioned that a baby girl was born to TPM's church family on the morning of the day that TPM exited. She was talking about the whole spirituality thing about God always seems to be balancing things out, a new life coming in as an old one checks out, etc., etc... and then she happened to mention that the baby had been named something in Sanskrit that means "patience and endurance."

I just about spewed my coffee across the kitchen table at that one.

When my sister cocked a brow at me I said, "Well the Lord got it at least half right with the new replacement."

I'll remind you of the story found here and here, and let you decide which of those two virtues she received from TPM... and which one she most certainly did not.


The Meezers or Billy said...

the circle of life.......

it's a beautiful thing

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