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Happy birthday wishes to Blown Star blogger Kerrcarto!

I am 11% Idiot.
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I am not annoying at all. In fact most people come to me for advice. Of course they annoy the hell out of me. But what can I do? I am smarter than most people.

That stupid Vonnegut cost me 4 points. I have read him... but I just don't like his stuff.

Earworm of the Day:

I don't know why, either, but it's been bouncing around inside my skull since about 10:00 p.m. last night.

Yippee! The Two Fat Ladies DVD boxed set goes straight to the top of my birthday wish list! Man, I miss those feisty old broads.

Yes, Chicago may be one of the nation's most friendly walking cities... but only because it sucks to drive and park in. No wonder the boys over at Second City Cop get their shorts in a bunch. Da Mair has them doing important stuff like writing parking tickets and clamping cars, instead of giving them the tools and freedom to take care of more important things... like real crime.

Nice to see Richie's got his priorities in order.

Speaking of crime, I really don't understand the depths of depravity it took to do this.

And here's a guy who's aptly named. Wurm, indeed.

While I'm on the subject of things I really don't understand, where were all the other passengers and what were they doing while this guy was elbow deep in gore? It's brain-boggling to me that people could sit around while this was happening:
Witnesses say the victim was stabbed dozens of times in an apparently unprovoked attack Wednesday night aboard the bus, which was going from Edmonton, Alberta, to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

They say the attacker then severed the man's head, displayed it to some passengers and then began cutting up the body.
Nobody tried to stop him???


Velociman said...

They're Canucks. Not exactly known for their bravery. Personally I can't imagine riding a bus without a concealed handgun.

El Capitan said...

Ditto Vman's comments. None of 'em own handguns. You know what they say about riding the bus... it's a rolling bad neighborhood.

re: Two Fat Ladies I'm spiffed to hear about the DVD set! I bought their first cookbook, and it's one of my favorites!

Omnibabe said...

Nobody had handguns on that 9/11 flight, either, but at least those guys had guts. And what about the bus driver? Did he/she radio in for help? Stop the damned bus?

If you read the chain of events, this didn't just take seconds. I still am flabbergasted that apparently not one hand was raised to stop this guy.

Navya Star Plus Serial said...
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