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Can't understand the judicial system? Just ask folks like these what they're being charged with as they come out of the courtroom.
Well cause she dumb like that. She tried to cheat and all that, you know what I'm saying. I was living with her and all that you know. She's um that type of female. I don't what's wrong with her man, for real, seriously. She's um. Yeah man she's a little bit psycho. Yeah. I could say that. But you know.
MMPC deals with stellar citizens like this every day. Sigh.

I've just gone nuts over these cool Scrabble tile pendants. At only $6.50 each, they'd make great inexpensive gifts.

The weirdness continues:
A man accused of stabbing and beheading another passenger on a Greyhound bus in Canada pleaded Tuesday in court for someone to "please kill me," and was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Prosecutor Joyce Dalmyn, who argued for the evaluation, revealed new details about the attack Wednesday night. She said Vince Weiguang Li had a plastic bag containing his victim's ear, nose and part of a mouth in his pocket when officers arrested him. The only response officers received from him was: "'I have to stay on the bus forever,'" Dalmyn said.
This is simply the scariest stuff I've heard in a long, long time.

My family already knows where the Princess Mom stands on DNRs, and we'll respect that when the time comes. If you've never considered your own stance on whether or not you'd want one, I suggest you read this.

This continues to be a crime -- a crime against Mike Mette.

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The Meezers or Billy said...

talk about a psychic break from reality. And everyone on the bus witnessed it. how horrifying.