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A judge in Canada is expected to decide whether a man charged with beheading a fellow passenger on a bus should be sent for psychiatric evaluation.
There's really a question there???
Eyewitnesses on board the bus, which was travelling through a desolate stretch of Canada's vast prairies, said Mr Li, a former church custodian, stabbed Mr McLean, who was sitting next to him, 50 or 60 times.

He then severed his head with a large knife, reportedly brandishing the head to terrified passengers.

According to a recording published on the internet of intercepted police radio transmissions from the scene, the attacker was seen to eat parts of his victim's flesh.
Nah. That's just normal behavior.

I'm swiping a meme from Moonbeam McQueen.

Rules for ‘Insight To My Heart’

"Post the song that just gets to you every time you hear it.”

That's easy. This hymn was played at my Great Uncle's funeral, and now I can't get through it without a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye:

Gah! It did it again.

Why do I love Hammer so? Oh, just little stuff like this.

So tell us, Stingray, what are you allowed to do???

(A tip of the cap to Matt G. Dude, you left me in stitches!)

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Teresa said...

Amazing that the judge had to take time to consider... unless of course he's thinking the guy is actually - um - sane... and just had a bit of a temper tantrum.