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Simon's cat strikes again:

(OXOXO to my curmudgeonly and adorable BlogDaddy.)

Looks like Mark Cuban's bid for the Cubbies is gaining some tracking. This would make me a very, very happy lady.

Okay. Maybe there is a good use for Twittering.

Well, I hadn't considered this theory before. It's a beauty, I'll admit.

Now here's a church I could get into! (And I don't suppose I'll be finding one in Chicago, either.)

Since when does Tyson Foods get to ignore a national holiday in favor of a religious one??? Count me in for the boycott.

Let's get one thing straight -- when you start bombing people, you are not an activist; you are a terrorist.

Giggle of the Day:

more cat pictures


Maeve said...

You find the BEST cat photos!!!

Anonymous said...

Simon's cat is our cat. He must be.

sourpuss said...

I swear Simon's cat is modeled after my Alphonse.