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Road Conditions

Just got back from traffic court where the idiot cab driver that hit me insisted on pleading not guilty and forcing a trial.

He said:

-- There were no pedestrians anywhere near the intersection when he made his left-hand turn.

-- He never saw me.

-- "Something" hit the side of his cab, which was why he pulled over.

-- I asked him to call the police, and he did.

-- He did not have a cell phone. (See point immediately above.)

-- He offered his assistance before the police arrived.

His attorney intimated that:

-- I deliberately walked into the side of his client's taxi; or,

-- I drunkenly stumbled into the side of client's taxi;

-- Whichever of the above is "true," his client is the true victim;

-- I am a mercenary bitch out to take his client for everything he's worth, and take the taxi company along with him.

Fortunately, the judge found me to be a very credible witness and found the sonuvabitch guilty.


Now I need a good lawyer, because the cabbie and his attorney have pissed me off royally.

Excuse me while my head explodes...

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Omnibabe said...

Actually, I was waiting for him to intimate that I'd been beamed down from the Starship Enterprise, and that's why the idiot allegedly didn't see me. (And yes he did see me. Liar.)