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He is absolutely correct:
I guarantee you’ll never be able to get this picture out of your head for as long as you shall live.

This post about bezoars brought to mind a tale my (former, and could be again if she'd just suck it up and apologize) sister told from back in the day when she worked at a Big Eight accounting firm (yes, a million years ago) in their medical/hospital practice.

Seems as she was auditing medical records she came across one describing a young child who was brought in to the ER for severe stomach pains. X-rays showed a mass the size of a softball in her stomach, and she was immediately sent for surgery.

Of course, the doctor's and parents' first fear was that it might be cancerous.

When the doc emerged from surgery, he calmed the parents down by explaining that it was, indeed, not cancer. It was, however, a head-scratcher.

What they found was a bezoar comprised entirely of synthetic hair.

Mama did a Bou *blink* *blinketty-blink* *blink* and said, "Oh. That explains it."

Doc said, "Oh, that explains what?"

Apparently the child had over 20 bald Barbies in her toy box. Mama never saw her chewing on the hair... but neither did she ever find any of the hair around the house.

A Barbie hairball. Imagine that.

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