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The girls are in a bit of a 'tizz this week because they're getting ready for their big-time interviews.

Tiger Boots is getting her beauty rest, because she wants to look perfect for you-know-who.

The Divine Miss Marilyn has taken herself off to her favorite massage therapist so that she's relaxed and happy for her interview.


Don't forget to stop by and visit the Friday Ark. (And for all you folks who aren't crazy about cats, go visit anyway. There are a ton of different kind of animal stories and photos to browse through!)

Also, the Carnival of the Cats will be up Sunday evening at Life~Florida~Whatever. Be sure to stop by and tell them I said hello!

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Gigolo Kitty said...

I am really looking forward to the interview! Um....does Miss Marilyn know that Ophelia is back and not very happy about the dunking?