Leslie's Omnibus

Traveling Companions

Tiger Boots: "At least The Divine Miss Mega-Diva has come out from under the bed, but she's still pouting under the covers. (I sure hope Gigolo Kitty knows what a hornet's nest he's stirred up.)

"I'm telling you, that cute fluffy red-headed guy is looking better by the moment. He's not big on drama and conflict. (Me? I'd also rather leave the drama to the pros.)"

Divine Miss Marilyn: "Pookie? Who in the name of all that's holy is Pookie, and what has she done to ensnare my beloved? What a foul, foul fiend!"

"And another thing. Who is this Missy the Fluffy Kitten chick? Hmpffff! If that trollop thinks she can snatch that plushy tushy from under my nose, think again."

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to sharpen my claws on the stereo speaker. Game on, girls!"

"(And Uncle Og? We apologize in advance for giving you a sick headache.)"

Don't forget to visit the Friday Ark and Carnival of the Cats, which will be up Sunday evening at Music and Cats.


Gigolo Kitty said...

Psst! Miss Marilyn, here's how Missy got her claws into GK - she beat the crap out of him and then stuck him in handcuffs. Yes, he is that kind of kitty.

meemsnyc said...

what pretty pretty kitties.