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Hi! It's Tiger Boots reporting in to say that The Demanding Miss Mega-Diva has hidden under her bed in a fit of the vapors now that her uber-crush has revealed he has not just one, but two other chiquitas on the string.

Now, I've gotta admit the cat is kinda hot... but I'm beginning to think he's a bit rich for my taste... and pocketbook.

It's taken a while, but I'm coming around to the notion that I really should be paying more attention to the boy next door after all. He's cute... and he'd never break a girl's foolish heart, now, would he?

Oooh! I almost forgot. Don't forget to visit that Steve guy over at The Friday Ark.

Cute Boy's daddy says the Carnival of the Cats will be held this Sunday evening at Justin's Random Thoughts.


Gigolo Kitty said...

Wait! Is she dumping poor GK?!? The poor boy will be crushed! He never breaks a girls heart, he..um...just...well never mind.

Besides, don't get jealous of the Troll and Unfortunate!Mitress. They don't count and GK will be the first to tell you that.

Of course Frisky is gorgeous! It's so difficult to make a choice sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Tiger Boots, you are one gorgeous cat! Ask your mom to pick you up and give you cuddles for me. =^.^=

Laurence said...

That's the right size for COTC banner... shall I add it? Let me know. -ls

Anonymous said...

You and your %(%&^%)(^^$ cats. Post something new so I don't have to look at them anymore.