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Rules of the Road

The ever-so-shy and retiring Contagion has tagged me with "Rule of Four" meme:

Four Jobs I’ve had:
  • Camp Counselor
  • Resume Consultant
  • Rental Agent
  • Pinch-Hit Waitress at a Fancy French Restaurant one New Year's Eve
Four Movies I could watch over and over and have:
Four places I’ve lived:
  • Belmont, MA
  • Brook Park, OH
  • Pease AFB, Portsmouth, NH
  • Naperville, IL
Four TV Shows I love to watch:

Four Places I’ve been on vacation:
  • Cape Cod, MA (my Nana and Grandpa lived there)
  • Whitchurch, England
  • Taos, NM
  • Panama Canal
Four Websites I visit daily:
[Note: I'd have put my Adopted BlogBrother on the list, but he posts so infrequently I only check in with him once a week.]

Four Favorite foods:
  • Fat
  • Salt
  • Bacon (see points 1 and 2)
  • Cheese (see points 1 and 2)
Four Places I’d rather be:
Four people to whom to inflict this upon:
  • Stephanie -- A newbie blogger who can use the exposure.
  • Mamacita -- Because she really is one of the cool kids.
  • Shoe -- Because she cracks me up on a regular basis.
  • Talula -- Because I didn't get time to get to know her at the blogmeet.


SuperGurl said...

you too sweet...you crack me up to gurlfry.

oh, and is buckaroo coming to austin? i'm off to a blogmeet, but i'll try to get it up latra on. see ya.

Contagion said...

Retiring??? I wasn't tired in the first place.

Theresa said...

I've had my kids threaten to call the What Not To Wear people on me. :D

Richmond said...

I love your favorite foods list! Hahahaha! :)

And resume consultant, huh? Any advice for a mom hoping to return to the workforce after 10+ years?

Anonymous said...

mmm. Fat, salt, bacon, cheese.