Leslie's Omnibus

Bus Fumes

By the way -- who told Phillip Morris, RJ Reynolds and the new fancy smoking lounge in Chicago that I've quit smoking?


All of a sudden I'm getting coupons for $4 off a carton of smokes and a free cup of java at the smoking lounge.

It's a communist plot! (And you thought the cold war was over... Hah!)


Anonymous said...

I'm telling you. When I quit the last time, I sat at a anquet across from a woman who was CHAIN SMOKING MY BRAND. I fluctuated between supressing my urge to reach over the table and rip her spine out through her chest and beat her with it, and inhaling the secondhand smoke like it was the breath of life itself.

Never happens except when you're trying to quit.

Next time some cum guzzling rectum cleanser does that shit to you, just do what I do, and pee on their car door handles.

Actually i'd like to watch that.

Anonymous said...

It figures huh? Argh.

Omnibabe said...

Hah! There's the Og I know and love!

Contagion said...

Isn't life just cruel sometimes.