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Bus Fumes

Some days are easier than others with this quitting smoking thing. Today I'm having a not-so-easy day, as the little devil who sometimes sits on my left shoulder has been whispering naughty suggestions in my ear. You know:

The bargaining kind of suggestions.

The "you can have just one and it won't hurt you" kind of suggestions.

The "nobody will know" kind of suggestions.

I'm having trouble shaking the little booger off today, but I will win this round. The devil may be sly, but I'm a pure-D stubborn German and I'll last longer than he will in this game of wills.


Anonymous said...

You can do this. We can do it together, right??

Anonymous said...

it's tough. I know. I quit a four pack of pall mall a day habit. You will, at the end of it all, be happy to have the monkey off your keister. Of course, if you continue to sit on the laps of total strangers, you may wish for the monkey.

Richmond said...

Hang in there! It's tough when the cravings hit, but with each time out smack 'em down it gets easier....

Omnibabe said...

Thanks, guys! Being able to bitch about it and get it out of my system helps. So does your support.

(And Og -- you weren't a stranger. You were already a dear friend. I just hadn't seen your face before!)

Anonymous said...

If I can quit drinking, YOU can quit smoking. Hang tough. Today is DAY 91 for me. It gets easier.

I think.


Arathorn said...

Stay strong in your conviction to quit. It isn`t easy but it can definately be accomplished. I am fighting ciggarette induced emphysema now and it is certainly not pleasent toting a oxygen tank with me wherever I go. I must stop half way up the stairs on my way to bed to get my oxygen assisted breath. I can not take a shower without having the oxygen line in the shower with me so please please make this happen do yourself a favor cause one good deep breath is much better than all the nicotine you ever had

Anonymous said...

Ok...here's the deal.

If you can quit picking your nose, you can quit smoking. Oh..wait...you probably never picked your nose.

Uh..ok...then how about if you can picking at freshly covered scabs, you can quit smoking. Er...you probably never did that either.

Um...alright..how about if you can quit throwing dead cats out your third floor apartment window then you can quit smoking. Yikes..you probably never did that either, did you?

Geez...I kinda suck at this motivational thing, eh?

I GOT IT!! If you can snatch this keyboard from my hands, you can quit smoking. No, that's not possible either.


I guess I'll just go back to driving a garbage truck....

Anonymous said...

My response to that "just one" voice:

"Ok, you say I can have this one because I'm [tired/bored/hungry/jonesing/whatever]. But if I give in on THIS one, what excuse will I have to tell you no the NEXT time I'm [tired/bored/hungry/jonesing/whatever]? If you're going to give me a 'just one' excuse, it better be triggered by a 'just once' set of circumstances that I'll never see again in my life, otherwise you're just saying 'smoke 'em if ya got 'em".

Then punch your little voice in the throat and tell it to shut the F*** up :-)

shawnkielty said...

I am at 6 months now -- it gets easier. Just don't do it every time it comes up. Period. Stop smoking immediately and indefinitely every time you get the chance.

Contagion said...

Just one leads to just one more. It's hard, but you need to stick with it.

Sarah said...


What Harvey said. "Punch you little voice in the throat and tell it to shut the F*** up"

Yup, one will lead down the path of no return.

Anonymous said...

Oh honey....I let the little devil win last year when I tried to quit...sure wished I could have been stronger.

But YOU can do it......just go smack somebody or something..haha..

Seriously..good luck babe!

Moogie said...

You can do it Leslie!!!!! I'm so proud of you!

ZootsMom said...

Moogie's right, you can do it Leslie....I've been quit for nearly four years...I smoked for over 30 years....Its difficult but it can be done. Don't give in to the urges cause you're mind will convince you that since you've had one and it didn't hurt, two won't......You go girl. I'm so proud of anyone who quits..

Gordon said...

Okay Moogie sent me, so you can blame her entirely for this 1st comment on your blog. Just remember this, I CAN DO THIS, Day by Day, Hour By Hour, Minute by Minute, Step by Step. I can honestly say I've never smoked in my life, not even to try it, I've seen what it can do to you 1st hand and well it ain't pretty.
Put it this way what way do you wanna wake up in the morning? Happy, rested, ready for another day all you need is a coffee or 2... or Grouchy, Tired, with a hacking cough and dying fer a puff on an coffin nail smelling bad, skin now the color it should be.
You Can do it..
Find something to do with your hands and I don't mean ring my neck :P
Push yourself mentally and physically till you can take no more and then think I can do better than that block out the need with Positive thoughts of money saved, get to see your family grow up, etc.. OK I've rambled enough here, l8rs.

WitNit said...

Remember: You are a NON-Smoker. And non-smokers do NOT crave cigarettes.

I smoked two packs a day for 8 years. I LOVED smoking. But when I quit, I quit as a non-smoker and I don't crave cigaretts.

The physical addiction passes in a few days. After that, it's all in the head.

FTS said...

You can do it!

Speaking as a guy who has never smoked, I could never kiss a woman who does. Does that help? lol

Moogie sent me to hara-- erm, support you. ;)

Suzanne said...

I've never smoked, but I did watch my husband quit. He used the patches and kicked the little monkey off his back! Now he sais he can't stand the smell of people who smoke. Good luck and much strength...I hear it's very hard.