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Live in or near Chicago, or planning to drive here any time soon? Then you need to know about Chicago's traffic cameras. I got this email from a friend this morning:

I am forwarding this to you speed demons who live and travel in the city. ;-)

For all of you speed angels out there. Please watch out. I got a ticket in the mail from the camera at 55th and Western. They are not playing... They sent with the ticket several pictures of my car, my license plate and me going through the "YELLOW" light. I guess I got busted. The ticket was $90 and because I didn't pay it or contest it within a couple of weeks it doubled to $180.

Be blessed and careful, Ruby

Subject: Ten new cameras in Chicago

Hey people -- just as an FYI for those of you driving around Chicago, there will be ten more cameras going up in the city at the following locations by the end of the year...it is a $90 ticket if you blow one of those red lights...watch out!


Fullerton and Cicero Avenue
Fullerton and Kedzie Avenue
Fullerton and Damen Avenue
Diversey and California Avenue


111th and Halsted Street
99th and Halsted Street
79th Street and Kedzie Avenue
63rd and State Street
Roosevelt Road and State Street
Cortland Street and Ashland Avenue

The following are where you can find current cameras in case you didn't know:


Chicago Avenue and Halsted Street
Division and Halsted Streets
North and Kostner Avenue
Belmont and Kedzie Avenue
Irving Park Road and Narragansett Avenue
Lawrence and Cicero Avenues
Foster and Nagle Avenues
Peterson and Western Avenues


119th and Halsted Street
87th Street and Vincennes Avenue
71st Street and Ashland Avenue
55th Street and Western Avenue
55th Street and Pulaski Road
47th Street and Western Avenue
35th Street and Western Avenue
31st Street and California Avenue
Cermak and Pulaski Road
Roosevelt Road and Kostner Avenue
Madison Street and Ashland Avenue
Kinzie Street and LaSalle Drive

Okay, kids. Let's be careful out there.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen the flashes from the camera on 79th & Kedzie go off twice so far (while going northbound on Kedzie), but after the light has been green for a good 30 seconds. No idea why it went off either time as the lights were green for a good amount of time before they went off and green for a good amount of time after.