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Book Your Ticket

This arrived today. I've been waiting for this book not for months, but for a couple of years now. Before I even crack the cover, though, I have a couple of thoughts.

First of all, the cover art sucks and it is far less richly bound in comparison to the first three books. WTF was the publisher thinking? Sorry. It looks cheap.

Second of all, it doesn't have the heft the other books had. I expected well over 800 pages. WTF was Martin doing all that time? Sorry. It feels cheap -- both in content and in quality.

Third, the reviews are pretty evenly lousy, and apparently some of my favorite characters are completely missing. WTF was Martin thinking?


That's it. Instead of sidelining this book right away, I'm going to finish it and wait a little longer for Mr. Martin's magnum opus.

Damn. I feel like I just got a lump of coal in my stocking. And I was good, Santa. Really I was.

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