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Professor Bainbridge said if I posted a review after I finished this book (instead of bitching up a storm before I'd even cracked the cover (my interpretation, not his words)), he'd cross-post on his blog. Here goes:

Reading this book is like getting a Grande Decaf Skim Latte with Splenda when what you ordered was a full-fat Frappuccino. All the basic ingredients are there, but it lacks that extra oomph that really satisfies.

A couple of other things I'd like to say to Mr. Martin: 1) Cersei Lannister gets far too much time and attention, especially in this book. Behead the bitch, already. 2) Your little postscript at the end of the book chapped my ass to no end. It wasn't cute. It wasn't nice to wait until the end to do this. Next time, do it in the prologue. (And, BTW, it didn't mention Tyrion. Will that story line be revived in yet another book? Durrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!) 3) The Dornish story line stunk. Stupid. Boring. Not necessary. 4) If you're going to put my little Arya in the book, by golly give her a better story line. She's in Braavos. Send her to the Water Dancers for training. Quit fooling around here!

That which should have and could have been so pleasing has left me with a distinctly bad taste in my mouth.

P.S. -- The cover art still stinks compared to the original stuff. Also, the binding was distinctly inferior to past editions. The paper was cheaper, and poorly cut. In fact, there were uncut sections in my copy.



Anonymous said...

Nice job. Linked you. http://www.professorbainbridge.com/2005/11/a_feast_for_cro.html Steve

Ran said...

Tyrion will indeed be in ADwD.

I loved this book -- vying for my third favorite -- but I completely understand why it wasn't for everyone. A book about aftermaths is somewhat unusual in the fantasy genre. I thought the Dornish section was actually one of the best in the novels, with the first and last chapters being among single chapters he's written to date in the series.

OTOH, totally agree that it was an error on his part not to have a foreword indicating that a number of POV characters (and their storylines) were for the next book.

Anonymous said...

Tyrion has presumably fled and is either in the north or in the free cities. There's no doubt in my mind that our favorite cynical imp - being Martin's favorite character to write - will show up in the next book.

I absolutely loved Arya's storyline, and I am tempted to call it the best in Crows. I'd bet anything that the training she's receiving now will end up being far more deadly and terrifying than mere swordplay.

The Dornish storyline was boring, but I imagine it'll be fairly essential to the final book.

Cooking Contests said...

That's too bad. This book looked good to me.