Leslie's Omnibus


I hope this brings some comfort to Sweetness' family. And I hope they catch the bastards who stole his rings in the first place.

If they're not trying to poison the minds of little girls, they're just plain trying to poison them. What a great company!

The Pink Line??? What self-respecting (macho) man is going to admit he rides the Pink Line???

What? The Tribune is considering selling the Cubbies? No......... no, no, no, no, NO!

For crissakes, the next thing you know they'll be selling the rights to rename Wrigley Field, too.

Sheesh. There's no respect for tradition any more.

Update: By golly, they are selling naming rights to Wrigley Field... one little piece at a time.

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zonker said...

Hell, I've ridden the "Pink Line." Also known as the "Vertical Line", isn't it?