Leslie's Omnibus

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The Divine Miss Marilyn: "Heh. Little does 'befuddled Unfortunate! Mistress!' know, it was not her 'Hammikins', but I who pushed the little wench into the drink. And I'd do it again, too.

"One rival down, one to go.

"Here, Pookie, Pookie, Pookie!"


Tiger Boots: "Sheesh! Is anyone else getting bored with all the drama around here?

"Give me a bed-headed boy with a sweet disposition over a glamour-puss any day."

Now go visit the Friday Ark. And don't forget that the Carnival of the Cats is up Sunday evening at Scribblings.

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Gigolo Kitty said...

*gasp* Miss Marilyn, I would never have guessed! Be careful though. That Hammikins is not to be trusted, no matter now many chicas you drown on his behalf.