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Who are the fruit loops who come up with dandy ideas like this, anyway? And why is American Girl not thoroughly researching where the money they donate from "I Can" bands really goes?

This is a perfectly acceptable message for girls. Granted, American Girl has earmarked all donated funds to only these three Girls, Inc. initiatives (click on the "Learn more about the American Girl donation" link).

BUT when you go to the Girls, Inc. Advocacy Statement page, it's impossible to dismiss the fact that in order of priority, items 2, 3 and 4 are "Sexuality," "Reproductive Freedom" and "HIV/AIDS." "A Safer World for Girls," and "Girls have the right to prepare for interesting work and economic independence" seem to take a back seat to the right to get pregnant, the right to an abortion, the right not to get sexually transmitted diseases and sexual orientation. Gah!

Do you really want your little princess to be receiving that kind of messages along with her American Girl doll???

I can tell you here and now that I will not be buying American Girl products for either TMBCITW or MPAE until and unless American Girl severs its relationship with Girls, Inc. And I love to spoil my nieces.

In another one of those karmic oddities that I love so well, Ann Althouse and Spoons are tackling the issue of women who want to raise children without men and all the ticklish questions doing so raises on the same day. There are so many facets to take into consideration that this makes my head hurt.

All I've got to say is this: if you choose to get involved as the sperm donor, the sperm recipient, or the partner of said recipient, get thee to an attorney and spell out legal arrangements first. And know what the hell it is that you're signing.

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