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The Scenic Meme

Richmond has tagged me with the following meme:

1. Choose a search engine (e.g. Google), click "images."
2. Pick 5 random blogfriends.
3. Think of a word or a phrase that you think describes each friend.
4. Do an image search of that word or phrase.
5. Pick an image that makes you say "Ah-ha! That's it!"

I picked the first three at random, then decided to tap a couple of relative newcomers for the last two.

Gennie was easy -- "Friday Jambalaya".

For The Manolo, could it be anything but "Hasselhoff shoes"?

(I'm dying to get the second mug down. It is the fabulous, no?)

For Livey, "Fierce and Fabulous" brought this eye-popping image. Maybe there is a Superman out there for her yet!

For melissa.in.london, "London Iowa". I've gotta love a girl that loves London as much as I do.

For Ryan, "Hearty Soup New York" was appropriate.

Okay, I'm tagging the youngsters. Everyone else is off the hook... unless you really want to do this. It's actually a lot of fun.


Richmond said...

Yay! Love the pics... :)

Moogie said...

Love the pics! Glad you decided to go after the youngsters. :) Hope you are feeling better!

Livey said...

OMG that is too funny!