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Tootin' the Horn

It's easy to get frustrated when companies you purchase from either ignore your complaints or don't respond very quickly to solving problems.

That's why I have to give a big shout out to Dove USA. I just tried one of their new products and had a problem not with the product itself, but with the packaging. I sent them an email this morning, and by this afternoon, they had sent a response back promising a coupon to replace the product.

That's dandy customer service. Well done.


Dana said...

Now that's customer service!

Blonde Justice said...

What was the problem? I use a lot of dove products. But not the hair products.

Omnibus Driver said...

It's the Sheer Moisture Leave-In Replenishing Mist. The shape of the bottle makes it really awkward and uncomfortable to spray the stuff on unless you've got hands the size of baseball mitts. I LOVE their hair products, so this was a disappointment.

Harvey said...

Between that and their "Real Beauty" campaign, I may just have to buy stock in the company :-)