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Bus Fumes

So Moussaoui has confessed to being a naughty, naughty man. I'm sure he's hoping he's found guilty and gets the death penalty so he can claim to be martyred by Americans.

Here's what I say -- instead of lining him up for meeting those 72 virgins any time soon, let's dump him in a maximum security prison (we've got a dandy one right here in Illinois that was good enough for John Gotti) and throw away the key.

Why give him the glorious death and and worldwide publicity he so obviously craves?


Theresa said...

I agree. Let's NOT make him a martyr!

GUYK said...

I was thinking maybe turning him over to the Israekis to see if they can find out any more about what he knows--then bring him back and lock him up with some skin heads.

og said...

He should just spend his time in stir watching reruns of "the brady bunch" until his brain turns to lime jell-o.