Leslie's Omnibus

A Change of Scenery

Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that Spring is coming.

This is for Barb, to brighten her day.

This is for Dana. (Because it matches her new template.)

This is for Mira.

We all need a little magic every once in a while.

This is for Angie, who is starting to be in a better place.

This is for Tammi, for good luck! (Bet she can guess why I chose this particular bloom for her...)

This one goes out to Livey... with a big hug, too.

(I don't know about you, but I feel better now.)

Update: Thanks, Teresa, for letting me know that I'd screwed up Barb's link. Fixed. (Brain Fart. We all have'em. Me more than most, sometimes....)


Livey said...

Awww thanks hun. I could actually smell spring in the air today, if my nose wasn't so plugged up. Supposed to be warm and sunny tomorrow! I'm gonna print out that pic and put it next to my computer! Hugs.

Teresa said...

Um - just wondering - but I'm thinking the link to Barb can't be right. *grin* Lovely flowers though.

Tammi said...

Thank you darlin'. They are all just beautiful - but I'm rather partial to one in particular. ;-)

I just love the flowers!

Barb said...

Thank you, Leslie! I love them!!!

Richmond said...

The Navy Pier?? I love the garden there....

Omnibus Driver said...

These were all taken at Gethsemene Nursery and Garden Shop on North Clark in Chicago. It's a lovely place.