Leslie's Omnibus


Is something going loopy in the TTLB Ecosystem again? I went from a link score of 84 yesterday to a link score of 49 today. It's not possible to piss off that many people all at once, is it? (That is, of course, unless you're this guy, who has turned mass delinkings into an art form in the past.)

Rats! I want my Adorable Rodent status back.

This is for the (Flappy) Birds.

Update: Seems I got my Adorable Rodent status back, but not credit for all of my links. Argh!


Dana said...

I've been a slithering reptile for ages. You think one would move up, right? Nope...still a snake.

og said...

I was a marauding marsupial two days ago. Nimrods. Make up our minds!!

mostly cajun said...

Happens all the time. I went from ninety-odd to sixty-something overnight this time.

I am still revelling in my rodent-hood.


Barb said...

Bah. That TTLB Ecosystem--just, bah. :D

Livey said...

I kinda like being a Flappy Bird. It seems so... fitting don't ya think?

Richmond said...

I'm a rodent too.... Ah well. My daughter (the hamster lover) will be happy. :)

GUYK said...

Yeah, my link score drooped from 110 to 85 or sumthin loke that. I have been up and down on the thing from a lazard to a possum so many times I don't pay a lot of attention. But this time when I dropped it was only about 20 places-from 1518 to 1538 I think