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End of the Line

I'm stunned.

Dana Reeves was an incredible woman, who I admired very much for being such a tower of strength to her husband and her son Will through years of rehab for Christopher, through his death and taking over the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation and lobbying for stem cell research for spinal cord injuries at all levels of government.

This hits very close to home for me, as my mother (the Princess Mom) is also a non-smoker and has been treated for lung cancer. (See update below.) It's very sad to me that my mom, who will reach "a certain age" this May, has managed to beat her cancer so far, and a woman as young and strong as Dana Reeve wasn't able to do the same. My heart goes out to Will. I'll hold him and the rest of his family in my prayers this week.

There's a condolence "book" here. Let Will Reeve and the rest of Dana's family know that this special woman was loved and admired... and will not be forgotten. Seems Superman really did meet and marry Superwoman.

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Richmond said...

I feel terribly for their son.