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Pouring Jet Fuel on the Bonfire

Seems I'm not the only one who's had a bad experience with the TSA's new procedures, as this little poll over at the Washington Post has stirred up a shit storm in the comments.

Question: Have you ever been subjected to an airport security 'pat down'?

They're having a free-for-all in the comments section, as well they should. (Be sure to read 'em all.)

In fact, people everywhere are getting pissed and demanding that heads (or even departments) roll.

If that doesn't get your Irish up, then perhaps this will:

(A tip of the cap to Amy Alkon.)

This is ridiculous and totally beyond the pale.

Here's the problem: Good parents like my pal LL are starting to say things like this:
If any man or woman put their hands in my children’s crotches because of a perceived security risk, I absolutely would reign fire and destruction upon those muthafuckers.

Mark my words.
Try it, however, and you'll find yourself under arrest, facing jail time and at least a $10,000 fine.

For those of you who think giving up your right to privacy is a small price to pay, a superior mind to yours replies:
"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Ben Franklin

As for me, I may just have to rethink the not driving thing, and soon.


Pammy said...

I was singled out for a pat down on my very first flight...well...actually it was my second, if you count the flight there...at the Las Vegas airport couple weeks ago.

It was extremely quick and cursory..no poking or prodding (or twisting). Up and down both arms, a quick swipe around my waist and down both legs.

Omnibabe said...

Was that under the old system with the metal detectors, or under the new with the body scanners? There's a HUGE difference in how they're handled now. And I'm curious -- did they give you the option for a private pat-down, or did they just do it right there in public?

Pammy said...

They didn't have the body scanners at McCarren (sp?), Leslie...but it was the same weekend they found the bombs/printers in the cargo plane. And I wasn't given an option...just told me I was "selected" for a pat down...which was done right there in the open.