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Chartered Excursions - The Hysterics at Eric's

Wonderful people. Fabulous food. A gorgeous setting. Bonfires. Pool. Incredible music. Poetry. A walk in the woods. Laughter -- lots and lots of laughter. So, a huge THANK-YOU ...

... to Eric and his lovely wife Fiona for the invite, and Fred and Bob for the cat fix.

... to Teresa, who bummed me a ride and entertained me enormously.

... to Erica, who blows me away with her gorgeous photographs and her big, beautiful heart.

... to Elisson (who'll get the humor in the above) and the lovely and charming SWMBO.

... to Jimbo for the music, and to Ken the Bodyguard for making sure Jimbo can make the trip.

... to KNine, whose blogging I've missed so much and for the breakfast at Tellico Junction, and to Jack, his faithful companion.

... to Jerry, who's always got an eye for the absurd.

... to Denny, for the music and the fun (and, usually, the wine).

... to Bou, for the ziti and for the great conversation.

... to Rick and Georgia -- it wouldn't be a blogmeet without you.

... to John, for the great conversation about books and the chance to finally get to know you a little bit better.

... to El Capitan, because he inspires me, makes me laugh, and pushes me to be a better writer.

... and finally, to Tommy, who I've heard so much about, but never met before. I promise that next time we'll sit down and have a good long chin-wag.

Don't let anyone kid you -- it is possible to make lifelong friends on the internet. I can't imagine my life without these folks, and I have a smile on my face for days after one of these shindigs.

It's always hard to say good-bye until the next one... and this earworm has been rattling around in my noggin ever since:


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Teresa said...

LOL - great to see you again Leslie. I especially love that picture of Jack. What a cute dog he is! It looks like you got tons of other terrific pictures too!