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For Andy...

... who's rocking a Movember mustache. Go donate, if you can.

I suspect this guy...

... is related to my little buddy Grabby Hayes, so named because now he won't take the almonds dropped on the ground -- he'll ignore them and insists on being close enough to grab them from my hand. (Video to follow soon.)

Vito and the Salutations may just have managed to kill my undying love for doo-wop music with this mangling of a thing of beauty.

(Gee, thanks, Ken.)

Giggle of the Day:


Spit-Take of the Day:
Seventeen year old son opines the swords and knives are just a front. The real reason for Ren-Faire is boobies.

"Four pounds of cheese fries in an edible [tortilla shell] bowl -- you can't beat that."
-- Nick Digilio, talking with Ted Brunson, host of Chicago's Best TV, about Susie's Drive-In on Montrose, between Elston and Keeler. Yum!

They also reverentially mentioned "The Slinger" at the Diner Grill as fine late night (i.e., after bar) dining. What's a Slinger?
The Slinger is, in its own greasy way, a masterpiece and it comes on a large oval platter. The foundation is a massive portion of hash brown potatoes covered with grilled onions. On top of that is 2 side-by-side cheeseburgers, topped with a couple of fried eggs, sunny-side up. The whole thing is covered with several ladles of chili. Two pieces of toast come on the side.
Sweet Baby Jeebus!

I don't generally visit the bars on Division Street -- too touristy or waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too young -- but I might just have to make an exception and spend some time at The Lodge:
The Lodge, 21 W. Division, brought back its clunky Flash Bowling (or Puck Bowling) machine after a 15-year absence.
Whoohoo! Let the youngsters play their video games -- flash bowling and pinball are the games of my youth, and I'll take them over their contemporary counterparts every single time.

The Presidency hasn't grown -- the government has grown, and if it's too big for one president to handle, then it's time to shrink the government back to manageable proportions.

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